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What’s under your new roof? It may surprise you.

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If you’ve ever been in a newly built house after it’s been freshly painted with the flooring set. There is a feeling that your new home is complete and ready to move in.

The day arrives and you finally move into your new home, just in time before the storm the news said would be rolling in, only to see a stain forming an hour later around the kitchen light fixture.

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These are the types of calls Roof Leaks and Moore has been subject to receiving when it comes to new construction homes.

We first suggest contacting your builder and asking them to address the issue if it is still within your 1 year home warranty period.

With homes outside of the 1-year warranty limit, or a builder unable to resolve the issue. Roof leaks and Moore detection experts have found, that the source of most leaks are caused by a lack of flashing, in some form or another. Whether it’s no flashing in the valleys or improper use of flashing altogether.

A lot of builders will use lower-grade shingles and underlayment products. This along with poor flashing, or lack thereof, will increase your chances of a leak sooner rather than later.

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Things you can do to prevent issues like this can be to ask questions.

Where will you be placing step flashing?

Will there be flashing in all the valleys?

Do you foresee any problem areas we should know about?

Make sure to always use a trusted home builder, and educate yourself to ensure that your home and the roof covering it will always protect you and your



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