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What kind of shingle do you have?

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If you ask a person what kind of shingle they have on the roof of their home you would probably get something like. A lifetime roof, or a 30 year roof. Maybe even a architectural shingle. The truth is most people dont have any idea what type of shingle is on there roof.

They just know that the roof is doing its job…Until it isn’t.

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Newly installed roof

The most common shingle on the market today is the Architectural type shingle. Dont be fooled though. Not all architectural shingles are the same. The average builder grade arch. type will last anywhere from 12-15 years. While the Higher grade arch. shingles will come in Impact resistant, class 3 and 4, with a life span of 20-25 years dependent on climate.

A 3-tab shingle is still used on a lot of new builds but over the year arch. type shingles have become cheaper to make and last years longer becoming the standard where 3-tabs used to be.

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3 tab style shingle


Designer shingles are a wide variety with many different shapes and sizes to give any home designer or builder a shingle for any home or style.

From the Certianteed Presidential to a Malarkey Windsor. Designer shingles can look the same across manufactures with slight or subtle differences.

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Certinteed Presidential shingles

The difference between a designer shingle and a standard architectural type shingle will very from one manufacture to the other.

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GAF Camalot II shingle

There are a lot of designer shingles with a “shake” look. Despite the thickness of most designer shingles, they do not necessarily constitute a class 4 shingle. In short there really isn’t much long term benefit other than ascetic when it comes to designer shingles. A lot of HOA’s will have covenants that hold homeowners to specific roof types and colors.


Ceder wood shake shingles are some of the most beautiful roof coverings, also very efficient when it comes to your homes energy consumption.

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Cedar Shake Shingles


A ceder wood shake is beautiful, but there are some maintenance issues to be considered. The first 5 years of a wood shingle will most likely be uneventful but as the roof ages it will need to be cleaned and coated on a yearly bases.

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Metal Shingles

Most Metal Shingles are a lifetime product that, if installed correctly, will last the longer than any other roofing product on the market.

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Barrel roof tile

Spanish Tile is a wonderful shingle made to last and withstand the deterioration from the sun and elements. The major difference is the rounded individual structure of the shingle. The weight difference versus metal or asphalt is considerable to a point of almost double.


Slate shingles are also a lifetime product that increases the stature of your home with one of the oldest items used for roofing aging back to the medieval times.

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Slate tile


When it comes to your roof, make sure to contact a dedicated knowledgeable contractor like Roof Leaks and Moore that can help you make the right decision for your home.

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