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Do you have storm damage on your home?

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At Roof Leaks And Moore we see a lot of damage, be it hail or otherwise. If you have had a recent storm there are some tell-tale signs to find out if your roof has sustained significant hail damage.

  1. Window screens

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Screen damage

Storms can happen in the middle of the day or sometimes in the middle of the night. No matter what the case before you brave the weather outside take precaution and see if there are any debris that may still be a hazard. One way you can do that is to look out of your window. As you do, look at the screens and observe if there are any holes or tears in the screens.


2. Gutter damage

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Gutter Damage

Window screens are mostly shielded for the most unless the storm is directional. As you’ve looked out of your home to ensure your own safety before venturing outside, Walk out and look up. What you most likely see if the storm has passed is a nice rainbow. But if you turn around, you might be looking at your gutters. Take a good look at them. Look for any indentations or dents. A lot of times gutters can look fine at first glance and then have significant damage upon further inspection.


3. Fence damage

Hail damage on a wooden fence

Fence stain damage


If you have a vinyl or wooden fence and a hailstone hits it, you will be able to tell. Age can have a factor in whether or not your fence sustains significant damage, yet it will often be an indicator of how big the average hailstone could be after a storm. A lot of times hail splatter will fade over time.

Jeremy Newkirk

Jeremy Newkirk

Owner Of Roof Leaks & Moore